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Throughline Strategy is a healthcare consultancy agency with their ethos based around empathy and an aim of improving health outcomes, experiences, profitably and sustainably, by partnering with people and companies who share in this purpose.

This is achieved by starting with the end results in-market necessary for sustainable health gains—meaningfully improved health outcomes and business results—and plan backwards through the commercialization continuum to identify what’s needed and what’s not in order to pull potentially transformational insights, strategies and ideas through to market with maximum impact and minimum wasted investment.


Whilst working at Throughline, myself and the two other design strategists undertook a variety of different projects and collaborated with various internal healthcare analysts and strategists to come up with visually appealing ways to put together various PowerPoint/Google Slides decks for the pharmaceutical client's Throughline worked with.

Other projects consisted of myself and some of the healthcare strategists to generate cohesive maps for a variety of diseases, which were then presented to the client. I was also the lead designer in creating a new proposal deck which was crucial for any consultant agency to partner up with new clients. This was achieved by implementing regular stakeholder meetings to discuss creative and style concepts to meet the humanistic and empathic​ brand values.

This role really came with a variety of challenges that I had to quickly adapt to. As I initially started working right at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the entire Throughline team (who had never worked remotely before) had to suddenly shift to Zoom meetings and working from home as like a lot of the working world had to also adapt to.


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PowerPoint Design

Design Strategy

Strategic Design

Throughline Logo

Post COVID-19 Scenarios

Myself and various members of the Throughline team worked with the company Astellas to produce a deck that was essentially a possible foresight into the year 2050 and was showcasing what the world could potentially look like post COVID.

The entire deck was looking in depth of what these potential scenarios could be. The end result had to have as much of a realistic vision as it could, which could be seen as comforting, disconcerting, amusing, appalling, inspirational and even perhaps a bit depressing. 

My input in this project was that I was given a brief summary of each chapter in which I then had to come up with the visuals for the title page that I found to be best fitted to the content. I initially was stuck between using illustrations or photography but in the end, I went with a collage-style effect as it allowed me to have freedom but didn't deviate away from the message whilst also keeping the seriousness of the subject matter.

Care Without Walls

COVID-19 Impact on
Specialist Behavior & Pathways

I was the sole designer on another project that focused on COVID-19 that Throughline Strategy was proposing to various pharmaceutical companies. 

I worked alongside with one of Throughlines managing partners who explained to me that the content of this deck was delving into how the impact of COVID has had a strong rippling effect throughout the world on how the damaging result that has stemmed from it has not just had detrimental repercussions on the global economy and people's physical health but also has caused a massive increase in mental health issues. 


Knowing the magnitude and seriousness of this subject I had to think of a way to really portray this visually. I felt that using photography of the general public and healthcare workers in PPE was a strong image, as this is now something we are used to seeing and having become the 'new normal'. I also tried to go for more of a gritty aesthetic with certain graphics and typography to try and stick with the brutal and harsh reality we are currently living in.

Throughline Strategy
Proposal Template Refresh

I was asked to take the lead on redesigning one of Throughline Strategies most important decks and giving it a complete overhaul in its look. The proposal deck is what the company would use against other competing consultancy agencies to gain more clients to work with for the years to come.


Throughline had somewhat established a look of using collage-style visuals to get certain messages across and I didn't want to stray too far from that but also knew that from setting up bi-weekly Zoom meetings with the managing partners and SVP's that the overall aesthetic and message had to be centred around the companies ethos, which was based around empathy and people. I also didn't want to go down the route of what many other medical/healthcare companies decide to do quite frequently in terms of how it looked overall, which I found was using clean/simple/minimal graphics. I wanted it to have a realistic/tactile look to it by utilising ink brush and paper textures combined with the collage style.

Emotional Journey Maps

When working with Throughline's clients on a variety of different diseases, sometimes they requested an emotional journey map to show how the transition of a patients mental and physical health went up and down during their journey from the start of the treatment until the end.

I had to think of ways to visually get these pretty awful and debilitating illnesses across. I would read up and communicate with the healthcare strategists to understand these diseases more and tried to picture what it would be like to go through this journey. It wasn't always doom and gloom as you can see with the hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) there is an uptick at the end but with the CKD (chronic kidney disease) it is a pretty dark illness that overtime can sadly lead to death.

1086 CKD Journey Map.jpg
Emotional Journey Map 2