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Mediaplanet is a publisher of focused reports that are distributed in leading broadsheet newspapers from various nations across North America & Europe, that specialise in the creation of content marketing campaigns.


Worked alongside the publisher, lead designer & product manager on two broadsheet publications that adhered to MediaPlanets brand guidelines and the newspaper printing houses printing specifications. There was a very tight turnaround time with the two publications as they were distributed with two of Canada’s leading newspaper industries, The Globe and Mail & The Toronto Star.


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Pet & Animal Welfare

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Careers In The Digital Economy

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Careers in the digital economy copy
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Animal Welfare 1
Animal Welfare 2
Animal Welfare 3
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Careers in Digital Economy 1
Careers in Digital Economy 2
Careers in Digital Economy 3
Careers in Digital Economy 4
Careers in Digital Economy 5
Careers in Digital Economy 6
Careers in Digital Economy 7
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