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Campus Recruitment Quick Facts Postcard

Deloitte has many university partnerships (they even have their own Deloitte University set up!) and would annually have teams of representatives hand out this recruitment postcard to soon to become graduates to see if they would want to work for Deloitte.

Whilst collaborating with various Deloitte teams across the country, we decided on something that was bold/visually appealing, whilst also displaying statistics that are engaging.


IPAC Conference Ad

IPAC’s National Leadership Conference is designed to provide leaders, practitioners, and academics working in or with the public sector the opportunity to connect with and learn from leading-edge experts who successfully tackled disruption and change.

Deloitte's involvement in this conference was all to do with the ever-evolving world of technology and how that will affect the future of mobility.


This ad was displayed on large format screens for the audience and needed to have the continuity of the Deloitte circular theme as well it being linked to mobility. 

Alumni Infographics

Deloitte holds onto their reputation as being recognised as one of the 'Big Four' and is proud where their employees start off and where they potentially continue elsewhere. 

I put together some infographics that showed various accolades and statistics that (as like the campus postcards) were a way to try and get people interested in this field to become potential employees.