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Curl Keeper is the main product line of Curly Hair Solutions. The main aim of these hair products is to be effective in strengthening, softening and controlling dry frizzy hair using generous amounts of high performing, silicone-free ingredient. This was a long process It required years of research, thousands of curly-haired volunteers' honest input and feedback and dedicated chemists.


Working as the lead designer and assistant of marketing director, I had many duties. This ranged from various print design materials to maintaining e-commerce platforms and social media.

One of the main roles I took charge of was packaging design. As Curly Hair Solutions heavily relied on revenue generated from sales of their products, packaging was crucial to the companies success not only in Canada but in the USA too.


Packaging Design

Packaging Design


E-Commerce Management

Curl Keeper Logo

My first project when I started working for Curly Hair Solutions was to come up with a variety of concepts to redesign the packaging of their main product line, Curl Keeper.

Myself, the marketing manager and the owner brainstormed many ideas that focused on the focal point of the curl shape. I pushed the look of using bold colours but with an overall minimal aesthetic. After all of the inventory had been updated with the new look the overall gross profit margin increased by 40%.

Packaging -
Curl Keeper Product Line

Water Bottle Label.jpg

H  O Water Bottle


When redesigning the packaging for the H20 Water Bottle, I had full control over the overall look of it. I didn't want to stray too far away from the main focal point of the branded curl iconography, so I decided to experiment with the idea of utilising a water style aesthetic and the end result was praised really well. 

H20 Water Bottle.png

Social Media/Newsletters

Myself and the social media manager would collaborate ideas for the social media accounts that Curl Keeper used. The posts always kept the ever-growing following up to date with content that ranged from certain deals Curl Keeper had going to influencer posts and reviews.

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Curl Keeper Brochure

Curly Brochure