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Corteva Agriscience™ is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences, they've harnessed agriculture's brightest minds and expertise gained over two centuries of scientific achievement.


While working at FleishmanHillard HighRoad, I collaborated with the client Corteva™, one of Canada's leading innovators in agriculture, materials science and speciality products. I produced several internal PowerPoint templates, ensuring uniformity throughout to make sure that the company's vision is foremost in all future presentations.


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Social Media

Pioneer   Breakfast Invitation


Pioneer® was another branch off company within Corteva™ in which I had to design an event poster for a breakfast conference based in Saint-Hyacinthe, just outside of Montreal.


I made it engaging by using a scenic photo provided by Corteva™ of one of their farms with the headline 'TOUJOURS MIEUX' (translated - 'ALWAYS BETTER') at an eye-catching size. The back was simple enough as it had to display a lot of information but still was hinting at the breakfast theme.

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Country Guide False Cover

I designed a false cover for an edition of CountryGuide magazine that had the herbicide Elevore™ (that is produced by Corteva™) as the main story and was the product of the month.


Social Images

Whilst working with Corteva's various marketing teams, I soon noticed that they wanted a stronger social media presence. Like the vast majority of companies in this day and age, social media has become very important and Corteva wanted me to produce some content for their various channels.


Elevore™ & Headstart Program Presentations

As the Corteva™ brand has various products that essentially are their own separate companies, buyers in the agricultural industry would be shown these PowerPoints that I created as they would need to know exactly how the Corteva™ products measured up against other companies and what they were promising to deliver.

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