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ARCHIVES is a luxury lifestyle & jewellery boutique based in Yorkville, Toronto. 
Jewellery designer & owner of ARCHIVES, Jaleh Farhadpour travelled the globe to meet with both established and up-and-coming jewellery designers, curating a collection that is exclusive to her boutique. ARCHIVES brings together years of knowledge and experience, an eye for fine detail, and offers the highest level of customer experience and service. 


As the only designer, I had to fill many roles. This ranged from designing the seasonal publications that showcased the various designers and pieces that were sold in-store and online. I maintained the store's e-commerce platform & created social media content on a daily basis that ranged from promotions, sales, events to building up hype for the next trunk show or new pieces that were going to be sold. Time to time I also helped with event photography of the trunk shows and product photography, that were then placed on the site. With all the work I was involved with I always made sure it was engaging but simultaneously adhered to the companies ethos and clean/minimalistic aesthetic.


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Product/Event Photgraphy

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Print Design

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Social Media


E-Commerce Management

Autumn/Winter Publication

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Spring/Summer Publication

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Social Media


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