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Ample Labs is a non-profit empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology. The startup consists of a hands-on team of designers, developers, researchers, consultants, and public servants in Toronto who are using technology to empower those experiencing homelessness. The team has over 12 years of experience working with those experiencing homelessness, including LGBTQ+ youth.

The talented team at Ample Labs has developed a chatbot called Chalmers, which helps people in need to find free services around the city of Toronto. These services range from finding clothes and food banks to shelters. Lately, the team has been developing a COVID-19 chatbot that gives people the latest info on COVID-19 and provides tips + FAQ’s.


As well as being a general volunteer with Ample Labs, I help out with the print design side of things, which consists of producing material such as care package design, posters, and other print marketing pieces. 
Occasionally I'll help/collaborate with the other designers with various digital design needs too.


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Care Package

The Ample Labs team decided to create care packages (in two different sizes) for various homeless shelters (Fred Victor, Covenant House) community centres & public libraries based in Toronto that worked alongside Ample Labs.

In the care package was a variety of things ranging from tea bags, a pop socket, a candle, a pinback button, and info cards about Ample Labs

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Note Card
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Ample Labs teamed up with Desjardins to come up with an idea to get more people to be totally honest about homelessness. The Ample Labs team decided to place a bright orange (in line with the brand) in Dundas Square and invited people to share their stories/opinions about the matter.


The poster I designed was displayed on a springboard sidewalk sign that was heavy-duty enough for the winter weather. Also, a big part of this project was to get a lot of traction on social media. This page shows the type of content that came out of it, from Instagram to Twitter posts.

Ample Labs x
TD Bank Presentation

As Ample Labs is a grassroots tech startup, that's purely run on volunteers, the founder and various other members are always looking for external funding. Below was a proposal deck I created for TD Bank that was essentially showing what Ample Labs had achieved at that point and how with TD's help, what they could do to grow.