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Canadian Urban Sponsorship Ad

Each year Deloitte would sponsor the Canadian Urban Limited Golf Tournament. For 2018 it was held in Edmonton.

The ad clearly needed to be linked to gold in any way it could be but previous years had just solely focused on the spherical nature of the golf ball to fit within Deloitte's circular theme. I decided to still use a golf ball but went in a slightly different direction by using the perspective of a 360° photo of the ball on the edge of the hole.

Golf Tournament Mockup
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Canadian Urban Sponsorship Ad

Breakfast Series Backdrop

Every year Deloitte hosts a series of 'Breakfast Seminars' and events around the globe. These seminars would range from topics about annual tax changes to sessions for a select group of key Chinese construction industry executives to the one I designed, that was held in Vancouver.

The overall concept behind this was purely focusing on the breakfast aspect of the event. A cup of coffee has become somewhat synonymous to the morning routine of a vast number of people in the corporate environment. I personally felt that the clean juxtaposition of the coffee and the white cup had somewhat of a comforting nature to it, that some people can get from a well-roasted cup of coffee!

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